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The Agricover 2022 Summit starts with a traditional event dedicated to the main crops in Romania.

Every year Agricover aims to bring you the latest news in the field, specialised solutions and state-of-the-art technologies dedicated to large crops. Together with Agricover specialists, we will receive valuable information from our technology partners Intermag, Summit Agro, Adama, Bayer, FMC, Syngenta and Belchim, whom we would like to thank for their participation.   

This year's conference takes place in a new event concept, in a virtual exhibition space and is also streamed on Agricover's YouTube and Facebook channels.

We also have a very special guest - Agriman, the tireless farmer's helper who brings innovative and digital solutions closer to you to support your day-to-day farm activities.

We look forward to your questions!

We will be in constant contact with you throughout the event, and we encourage you to send us your questions and opinions in writing in the broadcast chat windows. You will receive real-time answers in the same chat window and we will also select some of the questions received for a short live answer session from Agricover representatives.

We will keep this Q&A session at the end of the event to give you plenty of time to ask your questions.


Ghiță Pinca, General Manager Agricover Distribuție

Robert Rekkers, General Manager Agricover Credit

Radu Rădoi, Chief Digital Officer Agricover Technology

Bogdan Nițulescu, Director de Vânzări Corporate Microsoft

Flavius Nichifor, Director Tehnic Agricover Distribuție

George Voicu, Technical Crop Advisor East Romania, INTERMAG

Ionuț Mocanu, Director de vânzări pe zona de Sud-Est a României, SUMMIT AGRO

Dan Maftei, Director tehnic, de dezvoltare și omologare, ADAMA

Coste Ioan Dumitru, Manager de portofoliu pentru cultura de porumb, BAYER

Cătălin Viziru, Marketing Manager România și Republica Moldova, FMC

Silviu Caimac, Manager pentru tratament sămânță România și Republica Moldova, SYNGENTA


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