Sunflower Treatment Scheme

In July, our colleague Nelu Marin, Agricover technical consultant, went to the company Pino Star in Tulcea county to see the result of Agricover products applied to the sunflower demonstration lot.

The treatment scheme proposed by Agricover for the 20 hectares of sunflowers was as follows:

  • Herbicide applied before sowing - Spectrum at a rate of 1.2 l/ha. It can be seen in the video that we have a very clean crop.
  • During the vegetation after emergence, Element was applied at the rate of 1.2 l/ha and at the 2-4 leaf stage of the sunflower crop Mox was applied at the rate of 1.25 l/ha.

All three herbicides used for this sunflower lot, namely Spectrum, Mox and Element, are products distributed in Romania only by Agricover.

In this lot, the product Amino Bor was used - a biostimulator based on free amino acids to improve plant growth. The product provides the necessary amount of amino acids for plant growth, stimulates flowering, plant development, fruit and seed formation. It also corrects boron deficiencies and possible additional requirements of different plant species, promotes protein synthesis, helps the plant to overcome critical phases during the growing season.

Amino Bor helps plant regeneration after various climatic accidents or unfavourable weather conditions, as well as other accidents such as: phytotoxicity to various herbicides, drought, low temperatures during the growing season. This product is applied at a dose of 1.5 l/ha and can be used from plant emergence to flowering and even at seed and fruit formation.

Plonvit Active Oilseeds - a foliar fertilizer with a balanced content of microelements in chelated form - was applied as foliar fertilizer in this demonstration batch. This product has an increased content of Boron and Manganese. Boron is the only element with a structural role helping the formation of the cell wall and preventing the appearance of physiological diseases. Manganese enhances photosynthesis and positively influences nitrogen uptake. Plonvit Active Oilseed in this demonstration plot was applied at a dose of 3l/ha.

Consider for sunflower cultivation technology these two products: Plonvit Active Oilseed at 3 l/ha and Amino Bor at 1.5 l/ha.