Loredana Adam, farmer from Brasov, about Crop360: "The platform is intuitive and easy to use"

Loredana Adam, Lorad Agro SRL representative from Brasov county, tells us about what it means to be a farmer, the work and the love for the land she works.

In addition to the large crop, the farm also grows potatoes, a crop that Loredana Adam loves.

Together with her daughter Lorena, a graduate of the Young Leaders programme, who has been learning the latest agricultural news, she decided to test the Crop360 platform.  What impressed her most was that the Crop360 platform is "intuitive and easy to use."

Loredana Adam used satellite imagery "to be able to monitor plant growth and development over the course of an agricultural year." This way she can also see the problems she faces in plant growth and development. She also receives alerts when there is a possibility of diseases and pests in agricultural crops.

Loredana Adam recommends this platform to other farmers to "streamline their farm activities, because it is an easy-to-use, accessible module" and a tool that supports her in managing her farm activities.