Agricover - driving progress towards global sustainable development goals

Agriculture today is under pressure to quickly find sustainable solutions and Agricover, as an innovative leader in Romanian agribusiness, is constantly developing ecosystems that generate progress and prosperity so that local agriculture can successfully meet the challenges of the future.

Agricover actively supports the achievement of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which are essential for global development. This set of overarching goals with specific targets details the major issues facing humanity today and points the way forward to 2030.

From these, Agricover has identified areas where it can make a positive impact, according to its field of activity, and has integrated these goals into its development strategy. Thus, the company is deeply committed to achieving the following goals in the overall strategy:

SDG 2 - Eradicate hunger, ensure food security, improve nutrition and promote sustainable agriculture

Since its establishment, Agricover's energies have been permanently directed towards supporting Romanian farmers with state-of-the-art agricultural technologies and adequate financing, so that the yield of agricultural production is constantly increasing, which is essential for a sustainable Romanian agriculture.

Agricover has a direct contribution to the very good performance of Romanian farmers, who, in the last decade, have steadily increased their average productivity per hectare for cereal and oilseed crops, recording in 2017-2019 a level representing 93% of the European Union average, respectively 75% of the productivity recorded in France, 77% of the productivity recorded in Germany and exceeding by 19% the average yield of farmers in Poland.

SDG 4 - Ensure quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all

Every year, Agricover offers scholarships for participation in the Young Leaders for Agriculture educational programme, aimed at training young farmers. The courses, with a unique structure in Romania, are designed to encourage generational exchange in agriculture and to give young farmers an appetite for using the latest technologies, preparing them to effectively represent the interests of Romanian agriculture within European and national structures.

SDG 9 - Building resilient infrastructures, promoting sustainable industrialisation and encouraging innovation

Agricover, as a leader in Romanian agribusiness recognized for its orientation towards innovation, is permanently concerned with bringing to the Romanian market the latest agricultural technologies that boost the prosperity of farms. In addition, the interest in smart agriculture brings closer to Romanian farmers precision tools that contribute to increasing crop yields and reducing environmental impact.

SDG 12 - Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns

Agricover's solutions, whether state-of-the-art agricultural technologies or appropriate financing solutions, are designed to optimise farm productivity and efficient use of resources. Therefore, easy access to high-performance agricultural technologies and specialised sources of financing has given Romanian farmers the opportunity to transform Romania into the third largest producer of cereals and oilseeds in the European Union and the ninth largest exporter worldwide.

Environmental aspects

Agricover's social role as the engine of modernization and progress in Romanian agribusiness is best represented by its commitment to contribute to the development of sustainable agriculture. A sustainable and competitive agri-food sector contributes to the quality of life throughout society and Agricover's development strategy can generate a positive impact in this area.

Agricover is thus responding to the current challenge of agriculture to contribute to increased productivity without harming environmental factors, by constantly looking for state-of-the-art agricultural technologies to optimise crop yield and resource use. Agricover's product portfolio is shaped to meet the needs of crops and to comply with the regulations of the Common Agricultural Policy and the recommendations of European forums.

Analyses have shown that among the limiting factors for the development of Romanian agriculture are the lack of cooperation between farmers, the slow pace of farm technology, the low level of capitalisation and the level of farmer training. Agricover, a living business, strongly connected to the pulse of Romanian agriculture since its establishment, has been actively involved and has offered solutions in all these directions, so that the transformation the company brings to Romanian agriculture is profound, systemic in nature. Throughout its history, Agricover has facilitated the coagulation of increasingly strong farming communities.

Also, as a result of collaboration between the main business segments of the Agricover Group, innovative products have been developed that offer farmers the possibility of purchasing inputs with payment terms correlated to the harvest, without affecting the cash-flow of the business.

Agricover has developed financing solutions specifically designed for the purchase of state-of-the-art equipment and the development of performance-oriented farms, where precision farming optimizes the use of resources, increases crop yields and the labour productivity of the Romanian farmer.

Diversity and equal opportunities

The company's development goals are enhanced by the shared values of the team members. We are all aware that the sustainable development of the company is based on the fair treatment of each of its members, so Agricover's development strategy is reflected in internal policies built around values such as fairness, equal opportunities, respect and responsibility.

Agricover's internal management strategy is aimed at the personal and professional development of its members through training and personal development programmes, internal communication, performance management, promotion and succession plans, employee health and safety at work. All measures are constantly taken to ensure fairness within the company in all situations related to recruitment, hiring, training, promotion, remuneration or any other employment conditions.

Agricover does not tolerate discrimination against employees or applicants on the basis of race, religion, ethnic or national origin, gender or age and ensures a work environment free from any form of harassment and does not tolerate any offensive or disrespectful behaviour.

One of the priorities of the internal strategy is to provide equal opportunities by ensuring a constant balance in the ratio of women to men, both in terms of the possibility of promotion to a management position and in terms of the application of pay practices or opportunities for further training and development.

Accountability and integrity

The Agricover team, although multifaceted, made up of people with different profiles, is welded by adherence to the same principles and values: integrity, responsibility, team spirit, passion, innovation. Agricover's ethical standards are embodied in the Code of Conduct and Professional Ethics, which is adopted by the entire organisation.

Among the common values that have always been at the basis of Agricover's success and its position as a leader in the field is integrity, considered as an individual responsibility within the whole team and expressed through the fairness, honesty and ethical principles of its members and of the company in its relations with partners, suppliers and competitors.

Agricover facilitates a working environment built on positive, trust-based relationships between employees and business partners so that the Group's interests are upheld and potential conflicts of interest are prevented or eliminated.

Agricover's representatives pay particular attention to open and honest communication, based on expertise that enables objective analysis of situations. The conduct of Agricover's team members is based on the principle of responsibility, which translates into the respect of promises and obligations, as well as of deadlines.

Agricover values fair and open competition, which means that business arrangements that eliminate or discourage competition or give an unfair competitive advantage or interfere with free trade cannot be entered into.

Within the organisation, reporting of integrity incidents is treated with the utmost seriousness and all Agricover representatives are responsible for maintaining the highest standards in their work. To this end, a dedicated platform has been made available to the team for recording any deviations from professional ethics - Ethicspoint.

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