Utilaj Instant Credit

for quick purchase of agricultural equipment


We offer you simple and fast, no down payment, no bureaucracy, credit for the rapid purchase of agricultural equipment, due at harvest.

With the Utilaj Instant Credit you get immediate financing for agricultural equipment and machinery: small tractors, seeders, weeders, etc.

The maximum amount granted is EUR 30 000 (RON equivalent, excluding VAT), the own contribution being at most equal to the VAT value of the machinery or equipment purchased. The approved amount is delivered directly to the supplier for the purchase of the agricultural machinery or accessories.

With subsidiaries in major regions of the country and a mobile team of professionals, we reduce the time it takes to process credit files, so you have prompt access to the money you need for uninterrupted business activity.


To whom it is addressed

This product is intended for farmers managing smaller farms, operating in the crop sector: field crops, potatoes, sugar beet, fruit growing or viticulture.

Credit period

Maximum 60 months.


Repayment in two annual instalments.

How to obtain Utilaj Instant Credit

Do you urgently need a machine or equipment? Send your request to the Agricover Credit representative in your region to quickly get the financing you need.

He will come to your farm and together you will find the optimal financing solution as well as assistance in preparing your loan application.

After going through the review and approval process you can enjoy the machine or equipment you want.