Preparing the future in elite agriculture

Agriculture is a factor of progress, and Agricover has taken an active role in training the next generation of professional farmers who will improve the quality of life for an entire country and beyond.

We strongly believe that young people are the future of agriculture that generates prosperity, and building and maintaining a strong network of trained and informed young leaders, vectors of image and common interests are essential in the development of tomorrow's agriculture.

The realisation of this credo has materialised through the support of the Young Leaders for Agriculture educational programme organised by the Romanian Farmers' Club. Thus, Agricover invests annually in scholarships for the preparation and training of young farmers.

Agricover's objective is that in 10 years we will support the professional training of 1000 well-trained young farmer leaders who will ensure generational change on farms and actively participate in better representing the interests of Romanian agriculture.

More details about the selection procedure, stages and jury of the programme can be found on the official website  

"Young Leaders for Agriculture" 5th edition

Registration for the fifth series of the programme has started! This year 120 participants are expected to take part, twice as many as last year. As supporters of the development of tomorrow's Romanian agriculture, we want to prepare young farmers to continue the family business, as well as to assume leadership roles in their own businesses and in the community.

  • Programme registration: until 31 August 2023
  • Knowledge interviews: 15 September 2023
  • Final list of participants: 1 October 2023

If you are also a young farmer eager for personal development or know young farmers to recommend in our fellowship program, fill out the application form!

Our target: 1000young leaders trained under the Young Leaders for Agriculture Programme

Scholarships awarded to date


Welcome to the world of Young Leaders for Agriculture

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