Who we are

Agricover is a group of high-performing companies in the European agri-business, with the mission to be a generator of innovative solutions that transform farmers' businesses and lives for the long term, being a driver of change while creating progress and prosperity at societal scale.

Agricover is an important player in the Romanian agribusiness. During its more than 20 years of existence, Agricover has developed an innovative and successful business model.

Through its visionary approach to agribusiness, Agricover is driving the performance of the entire sector and generating social prosperity in the Romanian agricultural community. Agricover develops modern digital ecosystems that drive Romanian agriculture forward, offering the latest digital technologies available worldwide.

As a further societal contribution, Agricover is committed to the training of the next generation of young farmers, the professionals who will ensure the generational exchange in the Romanian farms.

Agricover brings together a structured portfolio of business lines, cutting-edge solutions and technologies that are transforming farmers' businesses.


Agricover in numbers

Over 9.900

partner farmers in the Agricover portfolio.

2.55 billion RON

income from the sale of agricultural inputs in 2022.

2.84 billion RON

gross amount of loans and advances granted.

40 million EUR

bond issue listed on the Bucharest Stock Exchange in March 2021.

The future of Romanian agribusiness

Agricover positions itself as a vector of development and innovation in the Romanian agribusiness. Specialized in high-performance business segments, Agricover focuses its efforts and resources on developing synergistic, original and strongly differentiated operations. All this will accelerate the adoption by Romanian farmers of the most advanced agricultural technologies, supported by innovative financing solutions perfectly adapted to the current needs of the agri-sector.

Therefore, Agricover contributes directly to the performance enhancement of the Romanian agriculture and defines tomorrow's agriculture. A living proof of this statement is represented by the strategic partnership with the Romanian Farmers' Club through which Agricover annually sponsors the Young Leaders for Agriculture program, offering training scholarships to young farmers.

Agricover aims to serve Romanian farmers and provide them with customized solutions tailored to their needs, so that they can systematically and sustainably strengthen their productivity through access to high-performance agricultural technologies and financing solutions tailored to the particularities of the agricultural sector.

  • Agricover is a driver of change, generating innovative solutions that transform agriculture and farmers' lives for the long term, creating progress and prosperity at societal scale.
  • Agricover fosters thriving communities, bringing together complex solutions and the resources farmers need to make the best decisions.
  • Agricover is planting the seeds for the next generation of professional farmers who will raise the quality of agriculture in Romania and across the country.

From Agri-BIZ to Agri-FIN to Agri-FIN-TECH

Over 20 years of refining the business model to meet the evolving needs of farmers.

  • Establishment of silage and grain trade operations
  • Investment in the development of vegetable oil brands, production and distribution


Pre-accession to the EU

Farmers are concerned about access to markets to market their produce. Silo infrastructure and grain trade use to supply oil mills with raw materials

Growth and transformation (2007-2017)

  • Exit from vegetable oil production


EU integration

Farmers are interested in access to advanced agricultural technologies, specialised financing and access to markets.

  • Refining the group's corporate structure
  • Refining the business model through digitisation
  • Launching a new business line to develop digital farming technologies for farmers


Confirmation of a privileged position within the EU and on world markets

For farmers it becomes a necessity to implement digital farming solutions to maintain their competitive advantage and to meet legislative requirements on environmental protection, sustainable farming.