Combating fraud and corruption

The Code of Conduct and Professional Ethics, which brings together the set of rules on which each member of the Agricover team relies in guiding their work, has a firm perspective on combating any form of fraud and corruption. The company's anti-fraud policy is based on four main pillars: prevention, detection of any act that contravenes both internal rules and the legislative framework in force, discouragement of such actions, and appropriate and prompt response in the event that an offence is discovered.

In its two decades of existence, Agricover has developed an honest organisational culture that prevents and rejects all forms of fraud and has put in place effective control and action mechanisms. 

The company has adopted a zero tolerance policy towards any act of corruption. Illegal dealings with suppliers, customers government officials or other third parties are strictly prohibited.

Agricover treats legislation prohibiting money laundering or the financing of illegal activities with the utmost seriousness. Agricover team members constantly ensure that they partner with companies and individuals that have a good reputation in the market, have legitimate purposes and funds of legal origin.

Flag deviations

Do you have a suspicion of fraud, corruption or breach of the code of conduct? We encourage you to report HERE any possible misconduct that violates the ethical principles that underpin all of Agricover's activities.

Also, learn more here about Agricover's commitment to developing and maintaining a business environment based on honesty, transparency and professional ethics.