Flux Constant Credit for any current farm expenses

We know how important your job as a farmer is. And we also know that farming doesn't wait for delayed financing. That's why you have access to a line of credit, with no justification for expenses, for efficient farm management, whether it's setting up or maintaining a farm crop.

Enjoy the benefits of Flux Constant Credit

Unforeseen expenses can arise in any business. Also, the market context may prevent the harvest from being harvested and the debts incurred from being repaid. That's why we provide you with a line of credit to support your farm's expenses, whatever their nature: fixed, variable, direct and indirect or overdue debts, without the need for supporting documents.

Flux Constant Credit has the functionality of a line of credit that can be drawn upon to its limit, repaid and drawn again whenever the need arises during its term. At maturity, this financing facility can be extended for a further 365-days cycle.

The use of a line of credit is a solution to optimise your cash flow so that you can make payments on time, even if cash receivables are late.  

I want financing!

Our team of professionals, available nationwide, responds promptly to your requests and offers flexible financing solutions based on your business needs.

To whom it is addressed

This product can be accessed by both crop farmers (arable crops, potatoes, sugar beet, fruit, vineyards) and livestock farmers (dairy, beef and poultry farms).

Credit period

The credit period is correlated to the production cycle and can be a maximum of 365 calendar days.


At harvest.