Lapte Bun Credit

for productive cows


We have developed a credit for dairy farms, where you can get financing based on your contract or monthly milk sales invoices. Basically, you can access finance equal to the historical value of three months' milk production and repay it from the next 12 months' receipts.

You can use the credit to cover current expenses such as the purchase of feed, premixes, energy, fuel, building maintenance services, machinery repairs or other current expenses (salaries, veterinary or other services).

With subsidiaries located in major regions of the country, we reduce the time it takes to process credit applications, giving you prompt access to financing for uninterrupted business activity.


To whom it is addressed

This product is aimed at livestock farmers with dairy farms.

Credit period

Maximum 12 calendar months.


The reimbursement is made on a monthly basis and is linked to receipts of the value of the goods delivered to the partner processor.

How to obtain Lapte Bun Credit

Contact the Agricover Credit IFN representative in your region. 

Together you will discuss your financing needs and receive assistance and advice throughout the credit process, from the preparation of the credit application to the review and approval.

In this way, you get the money you need quickly.