Exclusive Fungicide Range

Flavius Nichifor, Agricover Technical Director, describes the range of fungicides developed and distributed exclusively in the recent years by Agricover.

Agricover markets products for all staple crops in Romania - cereals, maize, sunflower and oilseed rape, responding to farmers' need for complete solutions for their business.

The fungicides in the company's portfolio recommended by the Technical Director and used for the experimental batch at the Lovrin Agricultural Research and Development Station are: VIP SUPER and TWIST PLUS.

VIP SUPER is a Tebuconazole-based fungicide for the control of foliar and ear diseases in cereal crops, used as a first treatment, applied at 0.5 l/ha.

For farmers who want a product to be applied at crop maturity, ear emergence, flowering and fusarium control, the solution is TWIST PLUS, a systemic and mesostemic dual action fungicide for the control of foliar and ear diseases in wheat and barley. It was used at a rate of 0.8 l/ha and is a complete product, approved for application as a first treatment as well as for treatment two and treatment three.