Agricover Credit continues its expansion and opens its first branch in the North West region in Oradea

Agricover Credit, the leading non-bank financial institution specialising exclusively in agricultural financing, today inaugurated its first branch in the North West region in Oradea. This is the ninth branch opened by the company nationwide.

Agricover Credit is firmly committed to supporting the performance and competitiveness of Romanian farmers through financing solutions tailored to the specifics of agricultural activities, by responding promptly to requests and simple and unbureaucratic access to the money the farmer needs to develop a modern and profitable business in agriculture.

"We are opening the Agricover Credit office in the North West region as a token of appreciation and recognition for the great work that farmers in this area do. We come to support their performance and dedication, the main reason for our presence here," said Robert Rekkers, Managing Director of Agricover Credit.

The expansion by opening branches in agricultural regions with high growth potential is part of Agricover Credit's strategy to be close to customers in order to respond quickly to their requests for financing. Agricover Credit aims to increase the number of farmer clients, especially in the micro (under 100 hectares) and livestock segments.

"We are here, ready to support farmers' development. We have hundreds of customers in this region and it is very important to be there for them and provide them with the financing solutions they need, simply and quickly. We have a mobile team of specialists who travel to the farm to find the most appropriate financing solution, whether it's working capital or financing of farmland purchases," said Robert Rekkers, Managing Director Agricover Credit.

Agriculture can become an important economic component in the region, but to grow a successful agricultural sector we need specialised solutions. "Due to the extensive areas of pasture and hayland that the North West region has (second place in the country), we see huge potential for growth in the livestock sector, especially beef farms. In this respect, we have special solutions and programmes prepared for farmers", said Robert Rekkers, Managing Director of Agricover Credit.