The Agrinnovator think tank, launched in May 2022,  aims to promote the creation and dissemination of knowledge on tomorrow's agricultural technologies, by exploring two main areas of work: the digital transformation of agriculture and the promotion of bio-regenerative agriculture.

The project focuses on young farmers who graduated from the Young Leaders for Agriculture programme, organised by the Romanian Farmers' Club, ready to take Romanian agriculture to the next level of development and performance by showcasing international agricultural solutions and technologies. Agrinnovator is the place where young farmers think, debate ideas and test on different topics in order to create progress and added value.

They have joined their energies and minds in TWO WORKING GROUPS with distinct themes - digital transformation of agriculture and bio-regenerative agriculture - aiming to support farmers in their journey towards digitisation to be as sustainable and efficient as possible in their work, in an increasingly dynamic context characterised by issues such as: the need for performance and resilience, migration and ageing of the rural population, climate change and soil degradation.


  • Evaluation of existing market solutions for digitisation of agriculture;
  • Public policy proposal "Specialist in Agricultural Informatics".


Agricover provides the necessary framework and support in disseminating the results among Romanian farmers and authorities.


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