Nextcelerator - The Digital Agriculture Hub is open to entrepreneurs in the AgriTech sector with an early-stage startup founded in Central and Eastern Europe, with an MVP already tested and plans to scale internationally. The programme will use mentoring sessions to identify startup vulnerabilities and opportunities, and then implement appropriate support mechanisms in the form of training, business planning, mentoring and facilitating access to professional farmers and players in agriculture.

The overall aim of this programme is to develop the capacity of market-ready startups and entrepreneurs in agriculture in Central and Eastern Europe so that they have greater potential to generate sustainable income and to connect them with investment partners who support their vision.

Fifty AgriTech startups from Central and Eastern Europe have signed up to Nextcelerator, the digital accelerator created by Agricover. The selected startups include marketplace projects, agri-food projects and agricultural process optimisation projects, most of them with revenues already in hand, traction behind them and the intention to refine their product and expand it into wider geographies.

Meet the finalists:


Agriniser is a Bulgarian agriculture brokerage platform that simplifies the buying and selling of crops. Launched in 2019, the platform provides trading services (buyers and sellers trade and negotiate anonymously on the marketplace platform) and market analysis of the CEE agricultural industry. Learn more>>


Agro-U is a Greek recruitment platform for agricultural workers. It offers permanent and temporary (seasonal) employment opportunities and has 8000 registered users, including 700 farms. Learn more>>

Fermier Bun

Fermier Bun is a Romanian platform that connects local food producers with potential customers who live nearby. The company operates as an online store offering checkout and delivery. It has 2 logistics centers: one for vegetable products and one for meat, dairy and similar products. Learn more>> 


Kolta is a Romanian marketplace platform that allows farmers to buy inputs and sell their harvest wholesale. The platform works as a digital cooperative for farms to achieve critical mass for transactions. Learn more>>


Ondo is a Bulgaria-based smart farming solutions startup for precision irrigation, crop watering and climate control for all crops. Ondo helps farmers reduce the time and labor required to manage irrigation and nutrition processes. Learn more>>


Proofminder is a Hungarian AI platform for precision agriculture - crop/leaf monitoring for farmers as a SaaS platform with drone production partners. The platform targets large agribusinesses in CEE, seed producers, apple growers (& fruit tree growers) and other market players. Learn more>> 

TBL Digital

TBL Digital is a Romanian farmland management solution. It enables customers to keep track of all documents and other information related to their land, such as topographic data, maps, permits, cadastres, as well as real-time data related to their crops. Learn more>>


Ullmanna has developed a hardware product that attaches to tractors to cut weeds in the row. The product comes from the Czech Republic. The product detects the plant and decides whether to cut it or not. It provides an environmentally friendly solution to pesticides or other inorganic liquids. Learn more>>


Vetemenyem is a Hungarian interactive mobile application for amateur gardeners that provides knowledge on how to grow specific plants. The garden planner shows the user which plants should be planted next to each other to promote plant growth. Learn more>>


Verdefood is a Romanian marketplace that connects local farmers around Bucharest and Cluj-Napoca with local demand for fresh vegetables and fruits. In addition, the platform provides farmers with tools to better manage their supply processes. Learn more>>

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