FERMIER Card | Credit Card for Farmers

Innovative. Flexible. Fast. Secure

In a business environment where innovation, speed, and flexibility make all the difference, we are launching a modern financing product that makes managing the farms’ working capital easy and efficient.

The FERMIERⁱ credit card helps you quickly manage credit line granted by Agricover Credit IFN to comfortably cover your current financing needs, with control and security over the transactions carried out.

ⁱThe FERMIER card is a Mastercard® business credit card issued by DiPocket UAB.

Features of the FERMIER card

  • The card allows the use of a credit line for working capital, with the possibility of replenishing the available funds by paying them back at any time during the trading cycle and reusing the remaining credit line immediately;
  • No monthly instalments! The credit is repaid annually, the trading cycle being correlated to the harvest period of the predominant crop, with a minimum payment of 60% of the balance plus interest and fees;
  • The FERMIER card and the credit line are granted for a maximum period of 3 years, with the possibility of extension for successive periods of the same duration;
  • Activation of the card is done at the ATM or during the first use at the POS, with a PIN or by telephone (0219167);
  • Dedicated 24/7 call centre for permanent assistance at 0219167.

Advantages of the card - Why choose it?

  • The farmer can use the card for any transaction: purchases in virtual or physical stores or cash withdrawals from any ATM in Romania and abroad.
  • Zero issuing and administration costs.
  • 24/24 access to funds from the approved credit line.
  • Real-time SMS transaction confirmation service via mobile phone messages.
  • ZERO interest on the purchase of agricultural inputs from the Agricover online shop, applicable until the end of the transaction cycle, maximum 12 months.ⁱⁱ

ⁱⁱAfter this period, the interest applied is 18%.

ⁱⁱ After this period, the interest applied is 18%.

ⁱⁱ DiPocket UAB (Upės str. 23, 08128 Vilnius, Lithuania) is an Electronic Money Institution regulated by the Bank of Lithuania (#75) and licensed by Mastercard® International.