Emil Turdean, satisfied with the corn crop obtained with Agricover crop nutrition products

Emil Turdean, a farmer from Cluj, turned this year to Agricover specialists' recommendations to take care of his corn crop.

"I pre-emergence applied Spectrum herbicide, 1.3 l/ha. Then, vegetative herbicide with Osorno, postemergence, 1 l/ha plus Fornet 60 D, 0.7 l/ha. And as foliar fertilizer I applied Mikrovit Zinc, 2.5 l/ha", explained Emil Turdean.

"I had a very good relationship with the technical department and the commercial department. They were present, the technical team as well as the commercial, whenever possible and even at my request they came to the field. And I recommend everyone with courage to try Agricover products. They are good products, the crop is OK", added the farmer from Cluj.

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