Healthy wheat field obtained with Agricover treatment schemes - Emil Turdean

Emil Turdean shows us the healthy wheat crop obtained with Agricover treatment schemes.

It all started with basic fertilization, which was done with 150 kg urea/ha. This was followed by two split fertilisations of 100 kg of ammonium nitrate. The series of treatments started with weed control. "It was done with Andor plus Dash, fungicide we had Protendo, prothioconazole 300 mg/l, we applied 0.4 per hectare. Insecticide we had Poleci, deltamethrin, 0.2 l/ha. We also applied an amino acid, Amino Start 1.5 l/ha. We tried to protect the crop, it is very healthy. The products did their job. I would like to continue the collaboration with Agricover and with the Technical Department and the Sales Department, because I think they have good products and they are people with whom you can work very openly" - Emil Turdean.