Exclusively distributed insecticides

Agricover has developed in recent years a range of exclusively distributed products. Thus, for all the basic crops in Romania - cereals, maize, sunflower and rapeseed, products have been selected to cover the main treatments required for these crops and all the needs of farmers.

Flavius Nichifor, Technical Director, presents the portfolio of cereal insecticides used for the experimental batch at the Lovrin Agricultural Research and Development Station: Rexaris and Krima.

Rexaris is a synthetic pyrethroid, a contact insecticide with a rapid knockdown effect for the control of major crop pests. It was applied at a rate of 0.15 kg/ha.

For farmers who need a more special product, which ensures a longer period of time in pest control and a longer retention of the active substance in the soil, Agricover specialists recommend Krima. It is a systemic insecticide with a long-lasting effect against a wide range of pests.