Experimental Wheat Lot Treatment

Cosmin Stana, Agricover technical consultant, about the experimental wheat lot in Timis: "We estimate a production of over 9 tons per hectare".

In July, we visited the Cesil farm in Comloșu Mic, Timiș county, to observe and check the experimental wheat lot for which Agricover specialists proposed a specific treatment scheme.

Cosmin Stana, Agricover technical consultant, explained the products used in the crop.

For herbicide, the Andor + Dash package was used - a broad spectrum herbicide to control annual and perennial dicotyledonous weeds in cereal crops. The herbicide scheme was then continued with Broadway Star - a state-of-the-art herbicide for the control of monocotyledonous and dicotyledonous annual and perennial weeds in cereal crops.

This was followed by Zamir fungicide, then Zakeo Extra and Orius in the last treatment applied to the ear.

The treatment scheme also included Rexaris, a contact insecticide with a rapid knockdown effect for the control of major crop pests, and Krima, a systemic insecticide with a long-lasting effect against a wide range of crop pests.

As for foliar fertilizers, Plonvit Active Cereals - a specific foliar fertilizer for the fertilization of cereal crops, which provides macro and micro elements corresponding to their nutritional requirements - was used at the end of winter.

Amino Start - biostimulator based on free amino acids of plant origin, polysaccharides, macro and microelements to stimulate crops during the vegetative period - was also applied.

"For this platform, we estimate a production of more than 9 tons per hectare," explained Cosmin Stana.