Products that ensure high yields

Nelu Marin, Agricover technical consultant, shows us the treatment scheme used on a wheat lot of Agro Ind Com SRL, Botoșani, made with products only in Agricover portfolio.

The treatment scheme proposed by Agricover specialists is composed of:

  • Andor + Dash herbicide package, as it has a very wide window of applicability, starting at the three-leaf stage of the crop, good tolerance to temperature variations and a very broad spectrum of control.
  • Rexaris, a contact insecticide with a rapid knockdown effect to control the main crop pests. It was applied at a rate of 150 g/ha.
  • Twist Plus, at 0.8 l/ha, a systemic and mesostemic dual action fungicide for the control of foliar and ear diseases.

In this batch, Amino Start, a biostimulator based on free amino acids of plant origin, polysaccharides, macro and microelements was used to stimulate the crop during the early vegetative period until flowering. It can be applied throughout the growing season, starting from the sprouting period, and the rate applied is 1.5 l/ha.

Plonvit Active Cereals has been used as a specific foliar fertilizer for the fertilization of cereal crops, with a balanced content of microelements, in proportions appropriate to the nutritional requirements of the crops, with a significant contribution of Copper and Manganese. The product was applied at a rate of 2 l/ha.

"For both Amino Start and Plonvit Active Cereals, the feedback received from farmers is that it reduces the risk of grain shrivelling, ensures a high yield, as well as increasing gluten and protein content. That's why we recommend the use of these products in all fertilisation plans for cereal crops," says Nelu Marin, Agricover technical consultant.

Consider these two products for cereal crop technology: Plonvit Active Cereals at 2 l/ha and Amino Start at 1.5 l/ha.