Supporting the development of thriving communities

Agricover reshapes the environment in which it operates, supporting the coagulation of strong communities of farmers ready to effectively represent the interests of successful agriculture in Romania, as a factor of progress with major social impact.

Agricover Group's constant concern to bring progress and prosperity to the communities in which it operates is materialized by supporting those initiatives aimed at boosting farmers' businesses and providing the right environment for the development of modern agriculture. 

This mission has been achieved by supporting the establishment of the Romanian Farmers' Club for Performance Farming (CFRO), a successful project that has put Romanian agriculture on the public agenda of policy makers.

The initiatives of the Romanian Farmers' Club for Performance Farming have materialized in a series of projects and achievements aligned with the main objective of the Club, namely, to increase the performance of farmers by building an environment conducive to the development of sustainable agriculture.

Today, the Romanian Farmers' Club for Performance Farming is a strong voice in promoting farmers' interests in Brussels and Bucharest. The Club is constantly involved in advocacy with the authorities and runs consultancy, training and education programmes for farmers and young people.

We are proud of the achievements of our CFRO partners and invite you to follow the Club's communication page for the latest news on ongoing initiatives.