Cătălin Soare, Agricover partner from Ilfov county, on the technology applied to corn cultivation

We are at the Geo&Costi Agrostar SRL farm in Sindrilița, Ilfov county, where we talked to engineer Cătălin Soare to present the corn demonstration batch prepared together with Agricover.

"We have a Pioneer hybrid 9889 sown in the first decade of April in good conditions. In pre-emergence, we used Spectrum herbicide at a rate of 1.2 l/ha, with a very good effect compared to the products used so far", says Cătălin Soare.

After planting, at the 6-8 leaf stage, to control monocotyledonous and dicotyledonous weeds, Osorno 1.3 l/ha and Fornet Extra 0.75 l/ha were used. In the mixture was also used the adjuvant Proaqua Trio recommended for correcting water hardness and improving the absorption of plant protection products used to treat crops, the effect was also very good, as Cătălin Soare, engineer, told us.

In vegetation, after the 10-leaf stage, the demonstration batch was divided into two plots of 15 hectares each to test and compare the effectiveness of a biostimulator and foliar fertilizer:

  • Aminoprim - organic biostimulator based on free amino acids, applied at a rate of 1 l/ha.
  • Plonvit Active Maize - specific foliar fertiliser for the fertilisation of maize crops, applied at a rate of 2.5 l/ha.

Cătălin Soare is satisfied with the effects of the products recommended by the Agricover team.