Daniel Marcu, our partner in Dolj, about the technical recommendations received from Agricover specialists

Good results obtained as a result of technical recommendations received from Agricover specialists and a fruitful collaboration of about 6 years.

Daniel Marcu is the farm manager of IF Voinea Ion Nelu in Negoi commune, Dolj county and manages an area of 300 hectares, of which 200 hectares are cultivated with corn, 50 hectares with wheat and the remaining 50 hectares with sunflowers.

Together we visited a maize plot for which he used products recommended by Agricover. After sowing, Spectrum herbicide was applied as a pre-emergence herbicide to control monocotyledonous and dicotyledonous weeds at a rate of 1.4 l/ha.

In the second treatment, on the recommendation of Agricover's technical consultant, two herbicides were applied to control monocotyledonous and dicotyledonous weeds. The products were applied at the 6-8 leaf stage as follows: Fornet Extra at a rate of 0.7 l/ha and Osorno 1.25 l/ha. Daniel Marcu is satisfied with the recommendations: "We used Osorno and Fornet Extra for weed control and had a very good result."

In the last phase of the maize crop, Rexaris insecticide was applied to control Diabrotica adults at a dose of 0.25 l/ha, together with Mikrovit Zinc-based foliar to support the crop affected by water and heat stress at a dose of 2 l/ha.

"Our farm has been working with Agricover for about 6 years now. My collaboration with Agricover is very good both in terms of timely delivery of products and technically. I can appreciate that they have excellent people", Daniel Marcu told us at the end of the visit.