Daniel Nedelcea, about the collaboration with Agricover: "The products give a very good yield"

Engineer at Meridian Com Prod SRL in Giurgiu county and Agricover partner for over 5 years, Daniel Nedelcea invited us to an experimental batch of corn to see which phytosanitary products were recommended by Agricover specialists.

At sowing, Start Forte, a micro granular fertilizer based on Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Magnesium was applied. "It helped the maize in the first phase of vegetation with very strong rooting," Daniel told us.

A first treatment was to apply Krima, a systemic insecticide with a long-lasting effect against a wide range of crop pests. "Its effect was seen after about two days," Daniel explained.

For the second treatment, Osorno herbicide (to control annual and perennial dicotyledonous weeds in the maize crop) and Fornet Extra (against monocotyledonous weeds) were applied in vegetation.

The effect of the treatment was noticed about 4-5 days after application.

As maize "is a big Zinc consumer", as Daniel explains, a third treatment was used with Amino Zinc, a biostimulator based on free amino acids of plant origin, to stimulate the growth, flowering and fruiting periods of the plants. "After about 2-3 days, the corn already had a much stronger colour," explained our partner.

"Our company has been collaborating with Agricover for over 5 years. The inputs arrive on time and the products give a very good yield. On the support side we can always call on them. I recommend Agricover to farmers", concluded Daniel Nedelcea.