Emil Isacov, agronomist engineer from Emiliana West Rom - products applied in rapeseed crop

Emil Isacov, an agricultural engineer from Emiliana West Rom (Timiș county), cultivates around 11,000 hectares of land with wheat, rape, corn and sunflowers. To achieve excellent results, Emil and his team rely on the expertise and technology offered by Agricover.

The main products used in autumn in oilseed rape are Protendo, a fungicide with robust preventive and curative action, and the Sagaris Extra package containing two active substances, azoxystrobin and boscalid. In combination with these, Poleci insecticide containing deltamethrin and the biostimulator Amino Bor were used at T2, and Emil and his team managed to ensure healthy crop development and outstanding yields.

"We are very satisfied with Agricover's specialists, they have always been with us in the field with advice, guided us through problems, offered us top technologies and advantageous financing conditions. Call Agricover specialists, I recommend them with confidence and you will be convinced that they are real specialists" - Emil.