Emil Turdean, Agricover partner from Cluj, about corn cultivation: "You can see how clean it is"

In the middle of summer, we arrived in Bogata, Cluj county, where we met Emil Turdean, our partner, to observe the evolution of a maize crop where the treatment scheme proposed by Agricover specialists was applied.

In the pre-emergence stage, Spectrum herbicide was used to control the main monocotyledonous and dicotyledonous weeds in maize. Following application, the difference was immediately visible. "You can see how clean the crop is. The product has done its job. There was also rainfall to help during the application period," explains Emil Turdean.

In post-emergence, the following products offered by Agricover were used:

Osorno - herbicide for the control of annual and perennial dicotyledonous weeds in the maize crop;

Fornet Extra - systemic herbicide to control monocotyledonous annual and perennial weeds in maize;

MikrovitZinc - liquid foliar fertilizer with a high Zinc content.

"The crop speaks for itself. If we talk a lot, people don't believe it, but in the pictures you can see that it's very clean (n.r. the corn). Plus you've given me another zinc-based product for corn: Mikrovitzinc. It's great corn! It has no deficiencies, it has nothing. I'm sure this product has done its job too. If the farmer is convinced, it will definitely work," explained Emil Turdean.