Emil Turdean, Agricover partner from Cluj, proud of the impeccable wheat crop

Emil Turdean is proud of an impeccable wheat crop that promises a very good harvest, both in terms of quantity and quality.

Right at the beginning of the wheat harvest campaign, we met Emil Turdean, a farmer from Moldovenești, Cluj county, who gave us some recommendations about the products tested on his farm.

On this occasion he showed us a wheat crop on which the products recommended by Agricover specialists were applied and, as he gladly told us, it looks impeccable. The treatments used have contributed to a healthy and clean crop, free of weeds and pests, which bodes well for a very good harvest in terms of both quality and quantity.

Two treatments were applied to control weeds in the crop, as follows:

- For the first treatment a broad spectrum herbicide was chosen to control annual and perennial dicotyledonous weeds - Andor, together with Dash adjuvant.

- For the second treatment Broadway Star - a state-of-the-art herbicide for monocotyledonous and dicotyledonous weed control - was used.

Emil Turdean advises farmers who want to diversify their technology to choose affordable packages and test their effectiveness to make the right decision.

"I am satisfied with the result we have here in front of us. I liked the technical presentation from Agricover, they spoke appliedly not just wanted to sell. They have good technical people," concluded Emil Turdean.