Iulian Filipoiu, Agricover partner from Ialomita, on the impact of phytosanitary products in sunflower cultivation

Iulian Filipoiu, our partner, welcomed us on the land managed by SC Net Farming SRL, in Scânteia, Ialomița county, where we used plant protection products recommended by Agricover specialists.

Of the 3000 ha worked by SC Net Farming SRL, 1100 ha are cultivated with sunflowers.

In the pre-emergence stage Spectrum, a herbicide was applied to control the main monocotyledonous and dicotyledonous weeds in the maize crop. "It has a great effect. It combats weeds very well in the first phase," said Iulian Filipoiu.

Then Mikrovit Bor Turbo, an organic foliar fertiliser, was used on a conventional crop. "After application, the crop looks very good, with a very nice green colour and we hope it will help us to obtain a much higher yield than the result obtained with the other products applied so far", explained Iulian. (...) "Since our tendency, as farmers, is to use as much non-toxic pesticides as possible, we chose this product. It's organic and we wanted to see how it compares to synthetic, chemical products, to see if it has the same effect with higher yields," continued Iulian.

Overall, Iulian is very satisfied with the collaboration he has with Agricover representatives, appreciating their promptness and efficiency. "We chose to continue our relationship with Agricover because the distribution is very well set up, the products come on time, we can use them in the optimal time. The team is well put together and the relationship can be done extraordinarily well", concluded Iulian Filipoiu.