Iulian Filipoiu, Agricover partner from Ialomita: "The result was spectacular"

Well-chosen herbicides and organic foliar fertilizer have brought spectacular results in the Net Farming corn crop.

We met Iulian Filipoiu, representative of Net Farming SRL, in Scânteia, Ialomița county. The total cultivated area of the farm is 3000 hectares, of which 300 hectares were cultivated with corn this year.

Iulian Filipoiu showed us a maize field where he used the products recommended by the Agricover team. In the herbicide treatment scheme he applied Spectrum product in pre-emergence to control the main monocotyledonous and dicotyledonous weeds. In post-emergence he used Osorno for dicotyledonous weed control and Fornet Extra for monocotyledonous weeds.

"We used Osorno and Fornet Extra together and the result was spectacular. As you can see the field looks very good and we expect very good results using these products", said Mr Filipoiu. 

For foliar fertilisation he chose to use Mikrovit Zinc because it is an organic product and he wanted to test it in the crop against other synthetic foliar fertilisers.

Iulian Filipoiu told us that he has a good relationship with Agricover, with prompt delivery of inputs being the strength of the partnership: "We have the products on time, we can apply them on time and we have a team that always helps us."