Lucian Vișan, Agricover partner from Timis, about foliar fertilizers applied to wheat crops

Recently, the Agricover team visited the fields of Nevada Tim, in Timis County, to analyze the evolution of the wheat crop following the application of Agricover treatments.

Of the 14,000 hectares cultivated by the company, 6,000 hectares have been allocated to wheat cultivation in 2021.

"In wheat we used the product Plonvit Active Cereals, a specific foliar fertilizer for fertilizing cereal crops, which provides macro and microelements corresponding to their nutritional requirements. I found it to be a balanced foliar fertilizer, with a high content of nitrogen and magnesium, which helps the plants to better assimilate nutrients", said Lucian Vișan, the company's employee. 

Also, at the recommendation of Agricover specialists, the product Tytanit, which is a growth stimulator, was applied. "I was very pleased, because I noticed a better vigour of the plants after the application and it helped them to go through the heat stress better", continued Lucian Vișan.

"I also recommend the products to other farmers as they won't mind. Most of all I appreciate the reliability and promptness of Agricover's staff", Lucian told us.