Răzvan Silion, Agricover partner from Botoșani: "We were helped when we needed it"

Răzvan Silion, engineer at AGRO IND COM Botoșani: Wheat production estimated at 6.5 t/ha, thanks to Agricover's hard work and phytosanitary products.

In July, we visited the AGRO IND COM farm in Botoșani county, which has 1200 ha under cultivation, of which 300 ha of wheat. Here, Răzvan Silion, an agronomist, invited us to see a 25 ha plot on which the Monte Cristo variety of wheat had grown well and to discuss the treatment scheme used that helped him to obtain such a beautiful crop.

The first treatment, Andor with Dash (broad spectrum herbicide), cleared the field of weeds and ensured a good vegetative entry. In turn, Amino Start (plant-based amino acid biostimulator) ensured plant vigour as plants came into growth. Răzvan Silion admits that initially the wheat "was a bit sluggish" and did not take root well enough, but after applying the biostimulator the plants were immediately fortified and took up nutrients better.

Another reason why our farmer preferred the treatment with Andor, Dash and Amino Start was also because an infestation of Bullfinch and Veronica was found. These were successfully controlled, as can now be seen in the clean field he shows us smiling slightly.

The next treatments Razvan Silion applied to the crop to keep it healthy were Rexaris (a fast-acting contact insecticide) and Twist Plus (a systemic and mesostemic fungicide for wheat and barley crops). These treatments kept diseases and pests that could have affected the crop under control very well, especially Fusarium head blight which could have become a real danger in this year's weather conditions.

Along with the insecticide and fungicide mentioned above, a treatment with Plonvit Active Cereals (foliar fertiliser providing nutrients suitable for cereal crops) was also applied to the soil, which provided a stay green effect, invigorated the plants and ultimately contributed to increased yields.

Răzvan Silion also told us that he expects harvesting to start in the last days of July and then he will be able to see the result of a year's work, but from the looks of the field, he estimates a yield of over 6.5 to/ha.

Finally, our farmer told us about his collaboration with Agricover, which started 12 years ago and has always been "fair on both sides, we have been helped when we needed it", which is why he sincerely recommends the partnership with us.

We thank him in turn for his trust and wish him good luck and rich harvests!