The top technology recommended by Agricover specialists for oilseed rape: "It's exceptional"

The Țigu brothers, from Arad, followed the treatment scheme recommended by Agricover specialists to obtain a healthy oilseed rape crop.

The Țigu family works an area of about 4,800 ha in Pecica, Arad. The cereal crops occupy 1,800 ha, rapeseed is grown on 1,200 ha, maize on 1,000 ha and sunflowers on 500 ha.

In oilseed rape, the set of recommendations from Agricover specialists was followed. "In autumn, we applied a treatment with Protendo fungicide, prothioconazole 300 ml / l, at a dose of 0.4 l / ha, together with Amino Bor liquid fertilizer, at a dose of 1.5 l / ha," explained Valeriu Țigu.

"For the second treatment we applied in spring, we used a package - Sagaris Extra - containing azoxystrobin plus boscalid. In this treatment we also applied Poleci insecticide, which contains deltamethrin, at a dose of 0.2 l/ha. And in order to give a much better vigour to the plants we applied a biostimulator, namely Amino Bor with a quantity of 2 l/ha", said Dan Țigu.

"The crop looks very good, it is an exceptional crop thanks to the application of a top technology recommended by Agricover specialists", added Valeriu Țigu.

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