Titi Ferencz, about the FERMIER Card: "It can be used at any time and reimbursed at harvest"

Titi Ferencz owns a cattle farm in Biharia (Bihor county), with 80 head. He also has a milk processing plant, where he produces cheese, cream, sweet cheese, butter and pasteurised milk.

Mr Ferencz started working with Agricover five years ago. "The Agricover representative in the area told me about the FERMIER Card. I applied for it so I could buy everything I needed for the farm: diesel, fertiliser, feed, herbicides, pesticides. Let's not forget: purchases from the Agricover online shop are interest-free!", said Titi.

Titi Ferencz is happy with his cooperation with Agricover Credit IFN and plans to use the financing products in the near future: "I recommend this FERMIER card to all farmers, because we very often need financial help. The advantage of this card is that it can be used at any time and repayment is made at harvest time."