Epuraș Dragoș, a farmer from Botoșani county, used Agricover's 1x1 Programme to get rid of financial problems in 2023

Dragoș Alexandru's family works, in Botoșani, an area of more than 800 hectares of large crops and, for more than 8 years, has been collaborating with Agricover Distribution SA and Agricover Credit IFN.

As 2023 was not a good year from an agricultural point of view, Dragoș says he turned to Agricover specialists for help: "I had some financial problems and Agricover came to my rescue with some solutions, including this 1x1 Programme, which helped me to overcome the difficulties I had and to continue my activity very well."

Through the 1x1 Programme, Dragos has accessed funding, enabling him to pay for his inputs as well as cover other needs on the farm. "A big advantage was the fact that access to the money was immediate and the payment will be made next year, at harvest time," said our partner.

"From Agricover we buy absolutely all inputs. They use both chemical fertilizers and all kinds of inputs, pesticides, such as insecticides, mainly insecticides in rapeseed, herbicides. A big advantage Agricover has is that I can keep them in custody, in the warehouse," explained Dragos.

You can find out more about the 1x1 Programme and other funding opportunities HERE!