Adrian Niculae, farmer from Teleorman, about Agricover Credit IFN: "It is the right partner"

Adrian Niculae, a farmer from Teleorman county and our partner for many years, is very pleased with the collaboration with Agricover Credit IFN.

"The farmer must have a very good financial partner in the business. We're talking hundreds of thousands of euros upwards and it's hard for a farmer to have cash in his account to pay. That's why you need a solid, serious partner, and Agricover is a serious partner," said Mr Niculae.

"Through Agricover we have financed several projects, inputs, diesel, even the IFN division for money and, as well as projects, equipment and machinery modernisation also financed through Agricover. Why Agricover IFN? They offer fast credit allocation and are flexible. Agricover is really the right partner," added Mr Niculae.

For the financing part, the farmer turned to Agricover Credit IFN's specialists for the modernisation of the production hall, the sorting, packaging and storage hall, the purchase of modern equipment for packaging, palletising and the purchase of box pallets to put onions in.

"The success of the collaboration with everything Agricover is also due to the people we interacted with, a super ok collective. To all farmers or other legal entities who want to call, I highly recommend Agricover", added Adrian Niculae.