Gheorghe Anghel, farmer from Teleorman, about the collaboration with Agricover Credit IFN: "If it wasn't for Agricover, I couldn't develop like this"

The Agricover Credit IFN team arrived in Teleorman county to discuss with Mr. Gheorghe Anghel, our partner, about the collaboration built over time.

"If it wasn't for Agricover, I wouldn't have been able to grow like this. It was harder. With the other banks it's much harder to work out financing than with Agricover. With Agricover there is more flexibility, more understanding. I've been working with Agricover almost since the company was founded. We've always worked very well, and there's also understanding when things go wrong," said Mr Anghel.

The farmer has used financing for several types of investment. Also, a few years ago, when more than 2000 hectares were damaged by hail, he turned to our specialists for help to get out of the impasse. 

"Agricover has staff with whom you find ways to talk and find a way to solve the problem, and they are very quick to give loans. I'm very happy working with them," added Mr. Anghel.