The Nițu family uses the FERMIER Card to cover unexpected expenses on the farm: "Payment at harvest is the main advantage for us"

The Nițu family owns 200 hectares of agricultural land in Timis County, with wheat, barley, rapeseed and sunflower farms. They have been our partners since 2015, when they turned to Agricover specialists for help, needing money for capital and running costs.

"The FERMIER card was offered to us by the Agricover Credit representative and we liked that it is a card built on our needs, the farmers. Payment at harvest is, for us, the main advantage. All the expenses we incur during the year can be reimbursed after the harvest, which is a real support," said Mrs Nițu.

They say they have used the FERMIER card when they have had to cover unforeseen expenses on the farm and plan to use it in the future: "We still want to buy agricultural inputs: fertilisers, pesticides, herbicides and diesel on the card. I recommend this card to farmers because they have quick access to money when they need it."

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