Kolto Zsombor Collaborates with Agricover Credit IFN for farm modernization

Kolto Zsombor, a representative of Zsomborb SRL, runs a family business. The foundations of this business were laid back in 1990 with four animals and a few pieces of equipment. Today, the farm owns 190 Holstein cows for milking and cultivates 110 hectares of land.

“We have been working with Agricover for seven years, using quite a lot of their products. We started with a line of credit which was the first product we acquired. Besides this credit, we have investment loans, fuel, pesticides, fertilizer, and their new product, the Farmer Credit Card from Agricover. With the investment credit, we managed to achieve significant modernization on the farm: we purchased a milking robot, a calf-rearing robot, scrapers for cleaning the stable. All of these were made possible through a very flexible collaboration.

Now, we have established a cooperative with five farmers from the area and have submitted a project for non-repayable funds, through which we aim to modernize our equipment park.

A major advantage of Agricover over banks and other credit institutions is their flexibility. We can also discuss with the agents in Hungarian, which is important for us as we understand each other better. We can better explain what we want, understand the criteria that are important for some loans. We can also understand the fine print.

Besides that, we save a lot of time because we don't have to travel to banks or after paperwork, but the agents come to us, and we can very operatively organize the execution of the loans.” - Kolto."